by Sean on October 22, 2017

I see new beers pass by from e-mails or the Social Media and some garner the “that would be interesting” to “if I see it on a shelf, I will pick it up”.

More rare is the, I will be actively looking for this beer.

I don’t see much of Yeastie Boys in SoCal but maybe I will see it in my fall travels. If so, I would not wait to crack open a combo of my favorite tea with the IPA style.


Naught but Kolsch

by Sean on October 22, 2017

Being a born and bred Portlander (Defend the Rip City Land) while living in Los Angeles gives me a bit of dual perspective. I see breweries and beers and trends in one that could apply in the other and vice-versa.

Since Portland is further along the good beer curve than L.A, it usually means that I am wishing that we can “borrow” ideas from the north.

In that vein, Los Angeles needs to diversify festival wise before the same tired set of festivals repeat in 2018. Why we don’t have a Holiday Beer Fest yet is a mystery. But maybe due to our heat and lack of seasons a different option would be better….

I would love to push a Gose festival or Fruit Beer Festival (both of which PDX has had) but I think a full-on Kolsch Fest would be great. Break out some logo’d Stange glasses and drink a refreshing light beer under the sun.

As they say on MST3K, “what do you think sirs?”


A Beer & A Quote – October 2017

by Sean on October 21, 2017

People will buy anything that is ‘one to a customer.’
Sinclair Lewis

Does this encapsulate the current canned and hazy craze or what? Now, I don’t know what product that Lewis was referencing in that sly dig but it does seem that American’s are especially prone to falling for the limited supply gag. Just take a look at all the one-offs that Oreo’s supplies to grocery store endcaps. Despite being a land of plenty, we just can’t stop gravitating towards what is just out of our reach.


Going back to the basics for this autumnal beer review with the Dogfish Head Punkin beer.

Haven’t had this in years it seems like. Comes across strong at first. Picking up vanilla first with the pie spices coming in after that. There is a heavy layer of gourd that sits on the palate after the spices depart the scene. Weird sort of almost burnt bitterness. Nice lacing on the glass after a few sips.


Pop Down

by Sean on October 20, 2017

Every twice-in-awhile you see something on the interwebs and can’t believe it’s true. This post states that Amazon is opening a pop-up bar in Tokyo.

April Fool’s in October, right? But Amazon owns Whole Food’s and is selling Alexa in the produce section and it doesn’t seem as far-fetched.

But other than price, why would one go to an Amazon branded bar? For a robot to make a drink? or maybe selection you can’t get elsewhere. I certainly don’t think it’s for the ambiance.

Maybe Amazon will pop-up in Los Angeles but my suggestion would be to make it part of the community it is in. Have local brewers, distillers and vintners in house. Go ahead and tout some hyper expensive whiskey but also talk about whiskey history and its future. Don’t be some sterile glassed in enclosure.

Our second stop is in San Jose where Camino Brewing celebrates beer and the journey of life that was crystallized during cycling the Sanitago de Compostela in Spain.

My taster tray would include the following:
Bosque De Milagros Juniper Saison
Café Con Leche Milk Stout
Cierzo India Pale Lager
James Star Imperial Rye IPA
Northeast By West American IPA
Nuberu American Pale Ale


Sour and more Sour

by Sean on October 19, 2017

Combine 3 <strong>Beachwood locations with 6 days and well, you do the math on the amount of sour, tart and wild that your stomach could be fully subjected too.

My suggestion is to check out the Huntington Beach location if you haven’t already. It is the most laid back of the three and you can all the production brewing equipment as you sip your sours.


Stats Update

by Sean on October 19, 2017

A quick update to my tracking efforts before the End of the Year rundown.

In Week 33, I had the lowest total (by ounces) drunk for the year with 169.4 for the five drinking days of the week. This plus a few days spent with muscle relaxants instead of beer have finally gotten me a shade below my target average for the year of 190 ounce per week. That will probably rise with a planned trip to Portland and Bend coming soon.

Due to the climate change warm weather here in L.A. the ABV is for all intents and purposes locked into a .04 range between 6.41% to and 6.45%. Making the high water mark of 6.94% earlier in the year seem like a super anomaly. Though I did receive a 2017 Black Tuesday in the mail, which could cause a minor disruption.

With only one quarter left in 2017, we will see if anything changes drastically.


Sold Through the years

by Sean on October 18, 2017

Keeping track of brewery ownership changes might not be the highlight of beer but this interactive infographic makes timelines a little less workday meeting and more handy guide.


Not the Entire Southland

by Sean on October 18, 2017

…just Southland Beer Co. is turning 2.
The Koreatown spot will open early at 1pm. There will be new t-shirts an Instagram contest and most importantly a special taplist.

This is just the start….
Beachwood – Barrel-Aged Full Malted Jacket
Beachwood Blendery – Into The Great Unknown (with Strata & Mosaic hops)
Bottle Logic – Vaporware Golden Milk Stout with Espresso on nitro
Bottle Logic/Abnormal Metropolis Zone Hazy Triple IPA
The Good Beer Co/J Wakefield – Cool Island Song blonde ale with mango, pineapple, passionfruit, and lemon
TRVE – Life’s Trade