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by Sean on April 21, 2016


Are We Getting RickRolled (lager)

by Sean on January 19, 2017

Don’t quite know why now is the time that Mikkeller would team up with Rick Astley. Rickrolling is almost as far in the past as his hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

But there is a chance that a lager collaboration is in the offing and if you drive by the Mikkeller brewery in San Diego or the upcoming DTLA bar and hear “Together Forever” or “Take Me to Your Heart” coming from inside, then you might want to pull over.


The 2nd featured review of beers bought with a gift card at Craft Beer Cellar – Eagle Rock is from north of me in Palmdale.

Lucky Luke Brewing has recently started sending bottles south and I picked up the Pale Ale with Rye, the Cartographer…

This GPS map maker beer pours a very light orange. Earthy and spicy mix at first with a bit of a lemonade flavor coming through at the end which I quite like. Aroma is kind of bland and missing something. Cartographer falls squarely into the pale ale category which makes it rightly named in a world where IPA’s can get called DIPA or Session. Intrigues me enough to buy more bottles when I see them.


Scotch One Hitter

by Sean on January 18, 2017

The cities listed on the label for the next One Hitter beer from Lagunitas Brewing tell me that the upcoming Azusa location is still down the road…

…but at least we have these new beers to enjoy while adjusting our countdown to new brewery clocks.

(Which seem to be resetting a lot what with all the newbies coming around)


K-Cup B-Light

by Sean on January 18, 2017

Get ready to waste a lot more tiny little plastic cups. SABInBev has joined forces with Keurig, the K-Cup coffee company with the intent of creating an “in-home alcohol drink system”.

Considering that the Keurig for soda aka “KOLD” went the way of the dodo and American democracy, I wonder why the company would leap back into a pool that even wasteful consumers rejected.

If they felt it was too hard to put a plastic cup into a machine when they could buy the same soda pre-mixed, who does SABInBev think will buy a beer or ____-A-Rita cups. And dear Lord on high, the taste of whatever came out would be atrocious (or as people euphemistically say, “consistent”.

But press on they will as they combine to “build on the Keurig KOLD technology and system innovations and AB InBev’s brewing and packaging technology, and evolve them within the realm of the full adult beverage category.” Notice, no mention of flavor in that lawyer-y bit of gobbledegook.

Another fun note, the “KOLD” sold for north of $350.00. I imagine an alcoholic version would have to retail for that, if not more. Who is going to spend that on a machine that will probably gather dust on a counter?

But this is for future selves to ponder. Like the jet pack and hover board, it is not a reality yet.


An Ale Smithed Pils

by Sean on January 17, 2017

Looks like AleSmith will be canning more this year.  And instead of heading into the obvious direction of hops, they are heading towards a “spezial” German.

Will this year bring more pils into the world?


Quiet Riot

by Sean on January 17, 2017

Looks like yet another brewery is popping up in the outer boroughs, as it were, of Los Angeles.

Valley Riot is based in San Fernando per their Facebook page but no tasting room is open to the public as of yet and not beer list posted on the main website.

So this can be filed under Stay Tuned. (as in wait for the interview on Food GPS)


Anniversary Alert – Indie Brewing

by Sean on January 16, 2017

Two pieces of news from Indie Brewing, the southern tip of the DTLA brewing scene.

First, they will be celebrating 1 year of business on Saturday, January 21st. There will be live music, a food truck, and most importantly for beer fans, special one off beers.

Second, their taproom will now be open for regular hours Thurs – Sunday every week. Thursday + Friday 5-10, Saturday 1-10, and Sunday 11-4. As well as a michelada brunch on Sundays.


Comedians on Labels of Beer

by Sean on January 16, 2017

Today’s topic, comedian and brewery collaborations.

Obviously Seinfeld would need to pair with a NY brewery that could brew up a coffee beer with an automotive name but what would be a good collaboration for others in the comedy field.

A Louis C.K. Saison or Stephen Colbert lager. A Kevin Hart ale or Bill Burr beer.

P.S. Check out Gaffigan’s latest comedy special, Cinco on Netflix. I promise that you will laugh.


A Book & A Beer – All That Man Is

by Sean on January 15, 2017

Well, NOT All that Man Is might have been a better title for the book of short stories that are thinly connected by author David Szalay.

There are nine men met in this novel, all white European men, most of privilege, or at least set in privileged striving. None of the nine appealed to me. At best they are sad sack navel gazers like the teenagers on holiday in Germany or the pedantic scholar driving to Poland. At worst they are unaware and quite nearly evil industrialist or muckracking journalist. That is fine. Plenty of novels with unworthy narrators out there but I just could not dive into any of the stories. The Men in each effectively blocked me from enjoyment.

That added to the overall downer quotient of the book wore on me and seemed rather invented. All the portent and doom and gloom seemed obvious to me but profound to the characters in the book. Said Russian industrialist who has to sell off his yacht, named the Europa. Oh, is he selling the concept of the men of Europe? Seemed heavy handed to me. As was the early inner mindset of another character who tells himself early on in his tale, that “Life is not a Joke.” Fine to use that, but that character hadn’t even earned it yet.

The final story at least had some earned pathos to it as an elderly man tries to ponder an inscription seen in a nearby abbey: “Amemus eterna et non peritura.” Let us love what is eternal and not what is transient. It is a slog to get to that point though.

To drink, I would start with Orval. It is old and weathered like the older characters in the book and is a classic European pale ale.

Then I would move onto a Berliner Weisse. You probably have a local that does a good rendition. The Bruery had Hottenroth which is transitioning to Frederick H. or you could go with the more accessible Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse.

And since a Russian is one of the characters and since it is January, a Russian Imperial Stout would be good. Old Rasputin would work or one of the Stone variants.

As a last suggestion, since the characters in the book are all over the map, you could find out which country is the setting for the next story and pick up a beer from that locale indicative of their craft beer scene.


Sean Suggests for January 2017

January 15, 2017

For January the theme is “North of $10” & Barrel-Aged, so let’s dive into three big beers to keep you warm in our one cold L.A. month. ~LIGHT Good Beer Co./ Hot Totty 5.00% ABV “Farmhouse ale aged in American oak bourbon barrels with lemon zest and ginger. This dry and complex ale is inspired […]

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