Anderson Valley Brewing has a link with Wild Turkey which allows them access to barrels consistently which is great since we live in a world where barrel brokers are needed because of high/high demand and lower supply.  Which brings us to their Pinchy Jeek Barl, their autumnal pumpkin meets Wild Turkey ale.  Check the video for my review:


Your Beer Photos Under your Glass

by Sean on October 25, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.21.28 PM

Have you ever seen one of your beer photos.  I mean really looked at it and thought, that is a mighty fine picture.  The composition, the lighting, the subject matter all coming into focus (as it were).  But who do you show it to?  There is Untappd and Instagram (if you are into that) but what about something physical and permanent.  Then Coastermatic is the place for you.  They turn your photos into functional coasters.  Which you can then photograph and get made into more coaster if you are into that existential sort of thing.


A Rummy Eye

by Sean on October 24, 2014


For those with an eye for pirates and rum barrels, you can get a Black Eye, a new addition to Avery Brewing‘s Barrel-Aged Series.  This Imperial Stout weighing in at 18.82% ABV is aged in fresh rum barrels. It’s also a continuation of the barrel aging that produced Black Tot which was # 3 in Avery’s Barrel-Aged Series way back in 2010.  From Tot to Eye in 18 barrels.

And that is not all, the Boulder brewery will release four more barrel-aged beers in the coming months

1. a sour ale aged in Madeira barrels

2. Tweak Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout

3&4 Two grape-beer hybrids.


Let’s Do the Numbers

by Sean on October 24, 2014

After the multitude of helpful GABF statistics started being posted online, it got me to thinking about a personal pet peeve of mine. Why pilsners



Sapping Mammoth

by Sean on October 23, 2014

Ain’t no lie, when it comes to a design look, you couldn’t be more polar opposite than Half Acre of Chicago and Maine Beer Co. of Freeport.  But they both rolled with it and let the other brewery design the other’s label.  First though, they each brewed the same beer at each others locations.


I can’t wait to see the Maine design for Half Acre!


Drogo + Detroit =

by Sean on October 23, 2014

I have a feeling that Jason Momoa might be on to something or has a crystal ball because anytime that I hear that buildings and land are available, it sets me to thinking that breweries would be well served to subscribe to the theory of “Build it, and they will come”. Detroit has an opportunity to be a brewing destination a la Field of Dreams if they can governmentally help foster it through a regulatory system or at least not hinder it like the city of Los Angeles actively does.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.37.29 PM

Check out this article from Willamette Week and prepare to be impressed by the discerning taste of the former Khal Drogo.

I,for one, will be rooting him on to succeed.


With news that HBO might offer non-subscribers the chance to stream the channel in the possible works, I just might not be as harsh on this latest Game of Thrones offering from Brewery Ommegang.


All kidding aside about the reclusive pay channel, this is the first GoT beer without a gimmicky ingredient. I say gimmicky without sarcasm too. Crazy ingredients are all well and good, but it is refreshing to see a straight-up Abbey Dubbel becoming an installment of this series.

The VM pours a dark red color and in every sensory category is quintessentially Abbey Dubbel. There is a lovely bit of spice in the beer reminiscent of the Hefeweizen profile with clove and banana mixed with a richer fig type taste and some burnt caramel. It also is both sticky on the palate while also being crisp initially.

I also like the touch of having the cork emblazoned with Valar Dohaeris (All Men Must Serve). It makes up for the somewhat hazy focused coin on the label that doesn’t work for me design wise.


And if you like this beer, other top rated Dubbels are:
Westmalle Dubbel and Lost Abbey’s Lost and Found.


Autumn on Mother Earth

by Sean on October 22, 2014


For the fall portion of the four seasons, Vista brewery Mother Earth Brew Co. has Autumn.  They utilized their barrel aging program to take their Russian Imperial Stout, Zingaro then plug that into some Heaven Hill bourbon barrels to come up with this beery ode to the season.  And if that is what they have for fall, I can imagine that Winter will be a big, big beer.



Beer Salami

by Sean on October 21, 2014

Charlito’s Cocina is combining the world of salami with beer and their CERVEZA SECA – Dry Cured Beer Salami which uses “beer in the curing process” can produce a flavor so enchantingly unique, that it eludes classification.  Cerveza Seca is “slowly dry-cured with a bottle fermented brown ale, pasture raised, heritage breed pork, and hand harvested fleur de sel..”

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.01.58 PM

Get this and some hop pickles and beer crackers and I am set.


Badgers in Cans

by Sean on October 21, 2014


This post isn’t to hammer home the point that beer in cans is growing and that practically any beer can be canned.  Nor will I be making any Packer Cheesehead jokes.  Nope, this is a quick post about the design of the cans from Badger State Brewing.

This is a perfect example of being not only consistent but inventive as well.  Most cans don’t truly utilize the background to the full potential without overwhelming the beer purchaser with too much twee detail.  These three designs are simple but bright and bold and for once, the background is what draws the eye in first.  Be it the plaid, the green stripes or the picnic checkerboard, all three really pop.  And that choice for background allows the main badge detail to be set-up in the same arrangement without getting boring.  The two elements really play off the other well.

Though I wouldn’t ever trust a badger with an axe.