Drinking and Writing

by Sean on November 24, 2014

One of the more unique intersections of craft beer and the world is this Chicago based group….


Drinking and Writing is a theater that explores the world of writing and drinking and how that interacts.  Oh, and they also do shows like “Brechtoberfest” explores what festivals like Oktoberfest are really all about as seen through the aesthetic of the German poet, playwright, director and Marxist Bertold Brecht.”

They also air a radio program and do beer festivals too.  Next time you are in Chicago and Second City is sold out, look for these guys.



Review – Sex Panther from SanTan Brewing

by Sean on November 23, 2014


I will readily admit that I got this beer for the name first.  I did want my wife to see the can on the kitchen counter and have her say something about it.  But I did, really, want to see how this Double Chocolate Porter (DCP?) from SanTan Brewing tasted.  And this is what I think:

The SP pours a dark black with a big initial head that fades away to reveal residual lace on the glass. Aroma is bitter dark chocolate. At first the flavor made me think of slightly burnt coffee but that fades into the chocolate. It is a bit thin for me and I do get some metallic off notes. I was expecting more cocoa from a double chocolate beer. Falls into a middle of the pack beer for me.


Sometimes beer names bite.


Sour in Name Only

by Sean on November 23, 2014


Before you tuck into the 2014 Christmas Ale from Anchor Brewing.  How about you test this intriguing beer experiment? They are tapping their distillery arm for their rye sour mash blending it with a regular mash recipe and they end up, “creating a unique piquancy.”

Thus they can have a tart but not sour base for their 7th Zymaster beer that they add the English Ale yeast to plus a mere four additions of the much loved Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand.

Can tartness and the grape qualities of the hop co-exist.  I will be trying it for sure.




by Sean on November 22, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.31.22 PM

I don’t approve of buying Christmas gifts before Christmas because I am a grinch.  Wait, that isn’t it.  I just like to celebrate Thanksgiving without looking over my shoulder at the next holiday.  But if you are of the kind to buy before then this now annual tradition is perfect.  You get a handy box that you don’t even need to wrap filled with Stimulus Belgian Amber brewed with Intelligentsia Coffee, a special edition glass and a bag of the actual coffee used in the beer.

Eagle Rock makes Christmas into one stop shopping.


A New Way to Shop for Beer

by Sean on November 22, 2014

Tavour.  Doesn’t scream craft beer on the interwebs.  But here it is.  Seems easy as long as your inbox isn’t already filled to the brim with beer related emails already.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.32.27 AM

More to follow if I try it or hear more news.


Fruit Loops

by Sean on November 21, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.56.39 PM

No-Li Brewing of Spokane is collaborating but not with another brewery.  And this partnership begins (for the second time) with Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale, with a release date in December. The beer includes cranberry and cherry purees from Oregon Fruit Products.

According to their press release, “the two organizations came together in September to brew No-Li’s first-ever pumpkin beer, “Krumpkin,” an Imperial Cranberry Pumpkin Ale, a single-batch, draft only beer that sold out in just two weeks.” Voila a partnership was born tat will continue into next year.

Oregon Fruit Products creates fruit purees that can easily be used in the brewing process.  Becasue, “all seeds, pits, and skins are removed to create a sterile, ready-to-use product that brewers, from small to large-scale operations, can rely on for consistent flavor and quality.”

It will be interesting to see what flavors get combined with these two companies.



Beer Aid

by Sean on November 21, 2014

This post talks about gas. If you are having a beer and don’t want to read about then turn away. Or if you don’t like burping or it’s smellier sibling then move on. Though this might make those two unpleasantries go away.
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.59.18 AM

I usually only get a case of the burps when drinking beer though some sour beers are just to acidic for my stomach linings to process.  I don’t know how widespread the problem is in comparison to hangovers but at least digestion is more understood than that horrible spinning with throbbing headache.

According to their website, “Beer AID and its proprietary digestive enzyme formula, works in the small intestine to break apart malt sugars from beer, making them more digestible. Especially today’s big, sweet, craft beers. The bigger the beer, the higher the odds that it’s got plenty of the unfermented sugars that can give you lots of gas and bloating.”

The amount suggested to take is a couple “before” each beer and with only 60 in a container and at $17.50 + $7.00 shipping = .41 cents a pill X 2 means you have added .82 cents to each beer you imbibe.  But if it rids you of a problem and lets you enjoy craft beer more, then it could be well worth it.


Klay Thompson stayed.  A new coach has arrived.  Can the slightly re-jiggered Warriors take it up a notch in a hyper comptetitive Western Conference?  So far the answer is a resounding yes.

Maybe they can if they don’t split into groups and instead have beers together at Faction Brewing in Alameda.


I would start my taster tray with:

Pilsner – A Traditional Czech-Style Pilsner with Castle Pilsner malt & Saaz hops

2 Hop – Instead of single hop ales.  They mix and match a pair of hops to see how they blend together.

Defcon V Belgian Table beer – A merger of English hops and Belgian yeast and hops.

Barleywine – An American-Style Barleywine with American 2-Row, Crystal 77 & Chocolate malts and Chinook & Centennial Hops




by Sean on November 20, 2014

Once in a while, the bigger players in the beer industry make a good commercial. Just Google Anna Kendrick + Beer for one such example. Usually though, it is for bad beer. Maybe both boxes can be ticked off in this example though.

Newcastle is starting a collaboration series across Europe. They are starting with Caledonian for a Scotch Ale and have noted beer geek and home brewer and Stone fan, Wil Wheaton to pitch the beer.



Bring the Pub to You

by Sean on November 19, 2014

Have you ever been at a party and wished you were in the pub instead?  In England, you can do both with Pubs on Wheels.

from the Pubs on Wheels website from the Pubs on Wheels website

PoW  “can deliver a seamless bar operation, whatever the weather, whatever the terrain and wherever the location. We are all about the Great British Outdoors.”

How great would this be in SoCal.  It might even make me re-think camping if one of these big trucks pulled up.  The only question is what beers are on tap?