Happy Thanksgiving!

by Sean on November 27, 2014

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A Puzzling Development

by Sean on November 26, 2014

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In SoCal, most stores either encourage or enforce reusable bag use. And though I recycle my six-pack holders religiously, I do wish that stores had re-usable options.

There are other options out there but because the PuzzlePax can be emblazoned with a logo and store name, and are not nailed together. It can be folded up like origami. So it might have a better chance of being used by breweries or bottle shops. But what would a regular beer customer really use them for?  I love the re-use idea but is it feasible?  The beer in stores is already in cardboard holders or held together plastic if they are cans.  If I buy singles, I can carry them home in it.  But a re-usable bag already does that trick (with more clinking and clacking, granted). Until the beer in stores come in these wooden containers and people or the breweries can get them back, I fear it is simply a nice presentation for carrying beer and that is all.


Revved Up

by Sean on November 26, 2014

Well, that was fast.  It didn’t take long for Rev Brewing to rev up.  (OK, no more use of the word Rev).


It will be fun to see what new twist this new brewery brings to the L.A. table.  The organic niche is one that could be really exploited (in a good way) here in Los Angeles.



by Sean on November 25, 2014

If I was a frequent concert goer and followed the likes of the Grateful Dead or Phish around the country, it would be good to have good beer while enjoying the music.  While concert venue beer is getting better (though very pricey), I prefer the way the Chris Robinson Brotherhood as addressed the issue.


They just collaborated with Anchor Steam and will have their special beer on the road with them for their “Phosphorescent Harvest” tour. Anchor calls it and ESL or Extra Special Lager brewed with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops.


Not only does Anderson Valley can their Gose, but they also can a spin-off.  A Blood Orange Gose!  Time to see how the Gose melds with citrus.


BOG pours a Tang orange color with absolutely zero head to it once the initial foam winds down. There is a certain orange jello aroma to this beer.

The taste has an initial bite to it. A slight tartness that fades into more of that Jello citrus note. Then the beer morphs into a salty drying note. Then a third taste of wheat and cereal pops in at the end. I am not getting the buttery part of blood orange that I really enjoy from the fruit. But this beer does not skimp on orange flavor at all.

But the salinity cuts through it to make this really well balanced.



by Sean on November 24, 2014

It can be a big step and investment to get a kegerator or a home craft beer dispensing system.  There are weird bulky tanks that can be filled with Heineken but what about something for the technically challenged beer fan who want something more than just a growler that they have to drink once it is opened.

Well that is where GrowlerWerks could fill a niche.  It is simple to use and can keep beer fresh and cold.  It looks a little too steampunk for me in this iteration but if they are successful you might see other designs down the road.  It seems to have a chord as the Kickstarter is blasting through the roof at over 1,000% funded.  That’s a lot.


Drinking and Writing

by Sean on November 24, 2014

One of the more unique intersections of craft beer and the world is this Chicago based group….


Drinking and Writing is a theater that explores the world of writing and drinking and how that interacts.  Oh, and they also do shows like “Brechtoberfest” explores what festivals like Oktoberfest are really all about as seen through the aesthetic of the German poet, playwright, director and Marxist Bertold Brecht.”

They also air a radio program and do beer festivals too.  Next time you are in Chicago and Second City is sold out, look for these guys.



Review – Sex Panther from SanTan Brewing

by Sean on November 23, 2014


I will readily admit that I got this beer for the name first.  I did want my wife to see the can on the kitchen counter and have her say something about it.  But I did, really, want to see how this Double Chocolate Porter (DCP?) from SanTan Brewing tasted.  And this is what I think:

The SP pours a dark black with a big initial head that fades away to reveal residual lace on the glass. Aroma is bitter dark chocolate. At first the flavor made me think of slightly burnt coffee but that fades into the chocolate. It is a bit thin for me and I do get some metallic off notes. I was expecting more cocoa from a double chocolate beer. Falls into a middle of the pack beer for me.


Sometimes beer names bite.


Sour in Name Only

by Sean on November 23, 2014


Before you tuck into the 2014 Christmas Ale from Anchor Brewing.  How about you test this intriguing beer experiment? They are tapping their distillery arm for their rye sour mash blending it with a regular mash recipe and they end up, “creating a unique piquancy.”

Thus they can have a tart but not sour base for their 7th Zymaster beer that they add the English Ale yeast to plus a mere four additions of the much loved Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand.

Can tartness and the grape qualities of the hop co-exist.  I will be trying it for sure.




by Sean on November 22, 2014

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I don’t approve of buying Christmas gifts before Christmas because I am a grinch.  Wait, that isn’t it.  I just like to celebrate Thanksgiving without looking over my shoulder at the next holiday.  But if you are of the kind to buy before then this now annual tradition is perfect.  You get a handy box that you don’t even need to wrap filled with Stimulus Belgian Amber brewed with Intelligentsia Coffee, a special edition glass and a bag of the actual coffee used in the beer.

Eagle Rock makes Christmas into one stop shopping.