Too Firk Too Furious

by Sean on January 19, 2018

Firkfest 5 is coming! And the Tiki theme will be back as well. So if you are a fan of pineapple, mango, guava and coconut and you prefer only well-run events with a curated list of breweries then go get your tickets.

This is a great event and one of the very few that I have traveled out of Los Angeles for.


Indie 2

by Sean on January 19, 2018

Indie Brewing will be doing their 2nd Anniversary thing with TWO very special beers being tapped. The first beer is a throwback as their, Superfood Saison will return (and in cans no less.) Also their newest New England Style double IPA, Sophomoric Juice will be available on draft (growler fills available). Special pecial glassware available only in the tasting room as well as “3 food vendors, 2 bands and a DJ, and a pop up market with everything from pins to hot sauce.”


Beer Trumps Hate

by Sean on January 18, 2018

With the recent release of the not surprising / horror movie scary book Fire and Fury that details the shitstorm that is the current White House, maybe it is better to be more optimistic.

That is where Beer Trumps Hate comes in. This series of charity beers was started by Rooftop Brew Co to take action by showing how to not act like a disgruntled toddler.

Each month a different Washington State Brewery brews a beer where the proceeds will benefit a charity of their choosing. Here are the first two beers of the 2018 agenda….

January 2018
Rooftop Brew Co. created the Beer Trumps Hate Imp. Peach Mint IPA, and all proceeds will be donated to Washington Wild.

February 2018
Stoup Brewing is donating the proceeds of their BTH brew to the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA).

We may not be able to drink the beer but they also have a store with stickers and shirts you can buy.


L.A. 1 A.W.

by Sean on January 18, 2018

It may seem that all I write about at times is to post about an upcoming anniversary party for a brewery. Such is the life when breweries come hot and heavy over a short 8 year period.

Next up is in Hawthorne where L.A. Ale Works will be hitting the 1st year mark in early February….


Desert Island Beer

by Sean on January 17, 2018

I wouldn’t build a whole brand around a beer with vitamins but if Dogfish Head wants to experiment with that and micronutrients and essential amino acids then I say go on and make your Flinstone’s vitamin beer.

It’s The End of the Wort As We Know It is at its base a Belgian-style fruit ale that “contains more than 8 times the amount of Vitamin B Complex than one of America’s best-selling light lagers, including over 90% of the daily recommended serving of folic acid.”

Enough about the health though, what might it taste like? Well, it is an eclectic mix for sure with blueberries, acai, goji berries, purple sweet potatoes, rose hips, chia seed, flax seed, spelt, oats and quinoa. And it packs a 9% ABV punch.

So call you friends in Rehobeth Beach and have them wait in line for the limited bottle release.


Recap – DTLA United 2018

by Sean on January 17, 2018

I made a late decision to attend the DTLA United event last Sunday and I am glad I did because my two favorite beers were from a DTLA brewery that has been hit or miss in the past,

that brewery being Boomtown. But their brand new Ignorant NE DIPA has excellent label art and is really good (though I am still partial to Mic Czech). I also tried their Little Shady Dark Lager and it was top notch too. The malt really got to shine.

Sour wise both the Mumford Something Borrowed Sour IPA and the Dry River F1 were excellent. My second and third favorites whose beers I now expect to be good or the very least unique.

The only down beer of the few I tasted was from Arts District, my now perennial back of the pack of the DTLA group. I had Nigel, which the placard said was hazy but Untappd claims is a Mild. The beer I had was neither. Maybe by that point the heat had gotten to me. Despite the rain earlier in the week, this event seems to always be bathed in penetrating sun. The good idea to have special barleywine tappings is great on paper but I could not bring myself to taste even one over 10% bruiser.

The event has expanded it’s footprint to include the mini Street between the Triangle and Angel City which allowed for elbow room and a bit more seating but misting stations or pop-up tents were sorely in need to keep the sun at bay. I certainly would have stayed longer with a tent to shade me.

The format of this event works for me though I think it might also work to sell flights in a separate area. One from each brewery and the barleywine for say $15 because with each brewery bringing only two beers, it is a quick festival with only 7 breweries pouring, that is 14 beers in small doses minus any you may have already imbibed before.



by Sean on January 16, 2018

El Segundo is melting down. The upcoming release of their very, very burly TIPA Power Plant will kick off on Day 0 at the brewery. Then the rest of us from Ventura to San Diego will be part of the blast radius the next day for their traditional Day 1 release.

Here is the latest info on what will be pouring…
Power Plant Triple IPA
Nuclear Power Plant Triple IPA
Cerveza Fresca – Guava – NE IPA
Electric Jungle Juice – Hybrid IPA
Spark Plug – small hoppy beer from Power Plant second runnings
…and certainly a few casks and variants we are currently still dreaming up!


I made a (finally) second visit up north to Transplants Brewing to join in the festivities for their anniversary bash.

And I was surprised at the width and breadth of beers on offer (32 all told) as well as the growth in the brewing as well. I sampled 8 beers from the list and was impressed by all save one that was probably just too green (The Bible Salesman). I really liked the Mecha Pronghorn that was recommended to me by a certain beer Provocateur that was one of many beers aged in Koval barrels. The Imperial Stout had loads of chocolate taste to it and was very smooth.

I also tasted my first pastry stout with a great name of Cut & Pastry. It certainly did have a doughy sort of taste to it and though not my favorite was certainly well executed. IPA wise I tasted CatBirD which was brewed with Hop Hash and Hemp CBD, it tasted very nice with a near NE hazyness to it. Fringe Element was a bit strong for an “IPA for Everybody” but I liked the taste of it and it paled to the two over 10% Triple IPA’s on offer. Going back to the dark side, the Ultra Double Filbert was probably my second favorite after Mecha. Both big beers aged in Koval Bourbon barrels, the UDF being a brown ale.

And while the artwork is still a little too weird for me, I can see how as a portfolio it is all tying together into a cohesive whole and really tells the story of this Palmdale brewery.

Hopefully, it won’t be another two years before I return.


Indie Brewing has another 16oz haze can. (Don’t worry, they probably have more in the pipeline, though not as colorful) I hope the Whale Bros took this as a bit of a slap. The Rain pours a hazy dark orange color. This DIPA certainly tastes double strength which, in a way, works against the haze softness texture it has going. It is more dank and piney to me. I would tag it as a hybrid that gives you flavors from both worlds.

Despite the label no skittles harmed in this beer.


Sean Suggests for January 2018

by Sean on January 15, 2018

You like Geuze? How about trying and Old Geuze from three different barrels. Brouwerij Boon has bottled 3 VATS, 91 , 92 and 108. Could be an excellent tasting session with friends.

Brouwerij Boon/ VAT 918.0% ABV
“The very subtle, elegant and tender taste of Oude Geuze VAT 91 comes from foeder Nr. 91, formerly used in Normandy as calvados barrel. Now this foeder creates excellent, tender Lambic, ideal for Oude Geuze. VAT 91 is soft, round, full-bodied, complex and in balance. The unique oval shape of foeder 91 ensures the optimum use of the foeder.”

Brouwerij Boon/ VAT 928.0% ABV
“This Old Geuze is the favorite of our tasting team. It is pleasantly full-bodied, complex and contains smoky and spicy tests. These unique flavors are derived from the oak barrel, used for red wine in France in the Rhône valley. The oak tree clearly expresses a stamp on the overall taste image and adds a particularly positive contribution to the Lambiek aroma.”

Brouwerij Boon/ VAT 1088.0% ABV
“The very wine-like accents in this Old Geuze are combined with a clear ‘old beer’ character, which ensures a sturdy and robust taste with undeniable but not overwhelming volatile acids. This barrel from 1935 comes from another brewery, where the beers contain volatile acids. This foeder enriches the character of all our mixes.”>

All of these beers can be found at Sunset Beer Co. (unless they got bought up real quick)