1st Visit – Green Cheek Beer Co.

by Sean on September 11, 2017

Due to a football game in the City of Orange, I had a great excuse to visit Green Cheek Beer for the 1st time. And I had to make some decisions.

I went for a taster tray to taste the beers I hadn’t seen in Glendale. A wide variety ranging from lager to hops to stout.

Of the group, the Bier lager was my favorite, I also tried the Berried in Berlin! but it was too Sangria for me. All berry and orange peel with not much beer oomph to add to it.

The location is not much changed from the Valiant space except for the Drink While Smiling wall which I found to be way cool design and a great way to chill a crowd despite the heat inside. Nothing quite grabbed me though. Maybe my expectations for Evan’s beers were too high but the place was packed and as I looked around no one seemed unhappy.

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