Contractual Agreements

by Sean on September 12, 2017

There is a good and a bad way to deal with long-term contracts that now seem unfavorable to you.

Ska Brewing has taken the high road or you could also call it the creative road. They have taken their hop contract and immortalized it on their label. BHC – Bad Hop Contract may not use the hippest hops on the market. The hops may not be that fancy lupulin powder or work as well with the new NE IPA’s but they have been able to weave this hop learning experience into the fabric of their brewery and I think they will be stronger for it.

Other breweries seem to have taken the low road which I also call the “I hope I don’t have to deal with these hop brokers in the future” road. 47 Hops has entered bankruptcy due to hops either not being paid for, or contracts not honored. Those that bet on a hop or amount of growth that did not occur need to, at least, call back. That is courtesy. Suggest a modified contract. Don’t behave like Trump and just run roughshod over vendors.

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