Egg Nog Ice Cream in Los Angeles

by Sean on December 6, 2017

Yeah, I have a thing for Egg Nog lattes and ice cream (Beer too if one would be made). But I only buy them during the holiday season. Since it is that time of year and since fancy ice cream is blowing up in L.A., I went out to taste two different versions.

Starting with the Boozy Egg Nog of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. This is what I expect in a cone. It has the full spice profile but it also has enough of the “boozy” party to replicate (to an extent) the full experience.

McConnell’s version tasted close to the ideal. But it was an off white cream color without any speckles to it. I felt like I had mis-ordered and gotten French Vanilla. It had the nutmeg and spice but it was a bit too mild for my taste.

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