Featured Review – A Hop Duo

by Sean on February 14, 2017

Not content enough to make the logistical Day 1 IPA series, El Segundo Brewing is now embarking on level 1 of their Super Beer Bros. collaborative IPA series.

Up first is their work with the upcoming Washington State brewery, Grains of Wrath pours a reddish amber color. Doesn’t taste 8 percent. Red IPA? Good carbonation which leads to a quick palate bite. 2 days old. Subdued pine needles. Not quite grassy but the combo of malt and hops leads me to forest descriptors. Aroma is toward forest hike.

Having had a multitude of both SoCal and Oregon IPA’s, this bears the hallmark of both. Taming the sometimes harsh ESBC with the more restrained Oregon IPA.

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