Frank and Stout

by Sean on March 9, 2016

96 yeast strains but the …. Well, if I was a rapper I could continue but let’s instead move on to my recommendation that you visit White Labs down in San Diego (north) and their Brewing Co. because you can lay your hands on the 2016 version of Frankenstout. It is the first time since its inception that this will be in bottles and will be available for purchase at the San Diego Tasting Room beginning on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh, and it will be for charity too!

Basically White Labs (whose yeast is in A LOT of the beer we drink) asked then answered the question, “What would happen if we pitched 96 yeast strains into one beer?” Here is what they say of the beer, “Each strain struggles for dominance, with twists and turns in every sip. The beer pours black with a thick brown head. Robust coffee and dark chocolate aromas and flavors abound. Belgian yeast strains are evident through spicy and clove like notes. The beer finishes with a strong cherry oak finish.”

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