Los Angeles Brewing history

by Sean on February 16, 2011

Last month, I visited Strand Brewing and there on the desk in front of me as I drank 24th Street Pale Ale was this old beer can…..

The back of the can had this wonderful copy on it. “Our beer is packed in this modern container for your protection and convenience. This container is designed to afford all possible protection to the quality and flavor of this brew, which is the result of the use of choice materials and many years of brewing experience.” And it had this crazy cone top.

To learn more about the history of Los Angeles Brewing and the fate of Eastside beer click HERE

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Jason February 17, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Cool link…the beersinparadise crew has been to Barbara’s at the Brewery many a time but didn’t know the history. Now we do!

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