Modest Proposal – Collaboration Fest

by Sean on February 7, 2018

I know that I alternately bemoan the amount of festivals and then call for more. But what I call for are specific and niche festivals.

Pilsner Fest, Fruit Beer Fest and others are in Portland. And another good idea that I think would work here in Los Angeles would be a Collaboration Fest.

The Colorado Brewers Guild has such a festival where every beer has at least one foot in their Guild. And it ticks a lot of boxes for me….the most important being….

One Place Puts hard to get / can’t get breweries in one place as well as the beers in one place. With a resurgence in collaborations, one would have to drive from place to place to place to keep up. Putting them together, even for just one yearly event would be great.

Attach the word “rare” to it and the Whale Hunters would buy tickets. Perhaps organize by style or state where the “other” collaborator is from.

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