Going to Extremes

by Sean on July 20, 2017

Since the RateBeer fest will probably be lightly attended this year, the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest® in their first foray to the West Coast and L.A. will probably take the spotlight.

The festival is sponsored by Dogfish Head. Over the course of one day and two sessions on Saturday, December 9th will have 60+ breweries and 200+ beers over at the California Market Center in DTLA.

To get tickets, go HERE.


Detroit is Brewing # 2 – Lake Brothers

by Sean on July 20, 2017

No, they only do the one lager (Vienna, no less) and they are contract brewed (that is not necessarily bad) but even without a lack of a taster tray, I would look for the throwback visual look of Lake Brothers lager.

Lager – “Drawing inspiration from the region’s oft-forgotten brands of yesterday, we set out to create our Lager. An American, all-malt lager, our beer is brewed with Cluster and Liberty hops, Midwestern malted barley and the purest of Great Lakes water. Amber in color, this beer pours brilliantly clear with a rich malt aroma, subtle hop character and a pleasant finish. Refreshing, flavorful and drinkable, our Lager is everything a great beer ought to be!”


The 7th Inning Mash

by Sean on July 19, 2017

Mikkeller Brewing is growing like a weed and is fast leaving behind the gypsy brewer tag they had been labeled with a brewery in San Diego and now at Citi Field, home of the NY Mets.

Mikkeller had already been connected with the stadium providing a special beer for the baseball fans. Now they will take over a space
that had been used for ticket holder and fan hospitality near Right Field for a 20-barrel brewhouse and around 60 taps. (Yes, that is a large amount)

Unless the Mets make a really deep playoff push, the brewery and bar will debut next season.

More importantly, will this herald a resurgence of independent beer at stadiums. This seems to be a game that has see-sawed between the big bucks and marketing might vs. the curb appeal of having local beers on tap.


Stock is Rising

by Sean on July 19, 2017

screenshot from Facebook

Would you order a beer because the price went down? If you find yourself in Cincinnati, the Queen City Exchange could test your beer-onomic theory.

A beer choice could range in price from $3.50 to $9 based purely upon customer demand. Other than really testing the prowess of the bars beer buyer, this sounds fascinating as an experiment. I have seen the occasional Which keg kicks first contest, but this demand game would have me glued to a seat where I could see the cost rising and falling.


The Next GOT book is Not Here but ….

by Sean on July 18, 2017

…the next Game of Thrones TV tie-in beer from Ommegang is

Winter is Here, an imperial white ale bearing the sullen visage of the White Walker leader and his snazzy hair style.

I admit that I missed the last release. None of the beers have been super-duper to me, though to be fair, would probably go over well in Westeros.


2 x 6

by Sean on July 18, 2017

I still don’t quite get the whole “shower beer” phenomenon. That being said the design of the can for the new Kolsch from SixPoint is really well thought out. From the blue drop pattern to the shower head logo, cool little touches.

I am more interested in the new hoppy offering (though I doubt it will make its way west) I love the whole green sorta woodcut label. And I would love to try what an East Coast brewery IPA wise.


The 13th Doctor (or 15th)

by Sean on July 17, 2017

It was a very British day yesterday with the Mens final match at Wimbledon followed immediately thereafter with the long awaited announcement via a teaser trailer of who would take the acting reins from Peter Capaldi and be the next Doctor Who.

Congrats to Jodie Whittaker and new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Let’s hope they can bring a steady hand to a series that had some highs and lows the past three years.

Now Game of Thrones has a whole range of beers, and I think it is high time for Doctor Who to get a few themselves.

Here are some suggestions for the BBC to ponder….

Darillium Sparkling Ale – a light fizzy golden ale made with champagne yeast.

Missy’s Extra Special Stab in the Back Bitter – a light cask ale dry hopped with Galaxy

Companion Kolsch – light and refreshing and perfect to spend time with

Souffle Girl – a nitro cream ale that puffs up with a foamy head.

Sonic Screwdriver Session IPA – a loud blast of hops that will open up taste buds but not wooden doors.

The Original, You Might Say – a thoroughly English “tele” porter. Quick and dirty like a vortex manipulator.


Photos from the 2nd DTLA United Fest

by Sean on July 17, 2017

Yesterday, I was back in DTLA (seem to be there more and more frequently) for the 2nd DTLA United Festival.

Here are some photos and notes on the event….
Above is the Saazberry from Angel City.  I tried that and Funky Wit and the Saaz with it’s pretty color and interplay of hop and fruit was the clear winner.

Speaking of winner, my favorite on the day was the Mumford So Hot Right Now pilsner, which reminded me of Pivo Pils.  It had a great hop hit that didn’t detract a note from the light pils.

Keeping it cool, I went for the Arts District lager, Daily Affirmation.  A little too grainy for me and not super refreshing.  I chased it with Indie Brewing’s Eastside Pale which quenched the thirst the hot sun was creating.

Then the Mercury Rising was rising, so I tasted the new Summer Ale from Boomtown with that name.  It was good but I sorta wished they had brung Mic Czech instead.

I finished up the day with two “United” beers done especially for the fest.  Arts District and Mumford did hoppy iterations. Again the Mumford grabbed my attention. A hybrid East/West IPA with much haze it added a lovely juice note with a hoppy swagger.

The scuttlebutt is that this event will become twice a year with the DTLA Bus Hops becoming a once a year LABW item instead of quarterly. If so, I would certainly pick the spring, winter event over the heated summer one.


Beer (and) Horse Thief

by Sean on July 16, 2017

Horse Thief BBQ just outside (but still part of) the Grand Central Market has scheduled up three more tap takeovers so that you can pair California #independent beer with Texas BBQ.

7/20 Three Weavers Brewing Company
8/17 Garage Brewing Co
9/21 Brewyard Beer Company


Saint in Redondo

by Sean on July 16, 2017

A “normal” tap takeover in Los Angeles involves either IPA’s or a local brewery so when I saw the following for Select Beer Store, I was happy to see that it contained neither….

A flight of Belgian beers from the esteemed St. Bernardus would be delightful on a hot winter day.