Roller Derby, Park and Beer

by Sean on February 14, 2018

Looks like Tony Yanow is adding to his Burbank roots with a big development announced last month and I have been mulling over the plans for a bit now.

photo courtesy of the City of Burbank

A 2.4-acre site at 10 W. Magnolia Boulevard will become event space, Roller Rink (Yanow loves the Roller Derby), restaurant space, outdoor park space and for readers of this blog, a “craft beer pub.”

Artisanal Brewers Collective has been super busy and seemingly getting busier. This project will take a long time to get through all the permit process mumbo jumbo, then the de-construction of the site before the construction.

Questions about who will be drawn to it exist for me though. There is a big Ikea nearby and it will be neighboring the Metrolink – Burbank station but will that provide foot traffic to the space? Will the beer aspect be the draw? Or is event space that lucrative a business?

Due to the trains and the 5 freeway, there are dead ends aplenty so how do eyeballs see it and then get to it? I also foresee issues with late departures from the Metrolink parking meeting early arrivals on weeknights for coveted parking spots.

Lastly, will it be Yanow / ABC beer for sale only? Or will it be more of a Tony’s / Mohawk style with multiple taps?

Many questions to learn the answers to.


Celebrate the News

by Sean on February 14, 2018

The Celebrator Brewspaper has been solidly chugging along now, getting regional beer news out to the country and Marin Brewing is justly celebrating it with…

…when I saw the name, I thought it was going to be an oat flaked hazy IPA but instead 30 years earns you a Russian Imperial Stout!



by Sean on February 13, 2018

We are coming up on double digits for Luponic Distortion from Firestone Walker and 009 will feature a blend of six “public domain” hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest and Germany.

Here is the press release info of import: “The lead hops in Revolution No. 009 include two public domain varieties from the Pacific Northwest—one that provides exotic tropical fruit and coconut notes, and another that offers a balance of earthy pine and citrus qualities. The German hops round out the blend with a dimension of bright fruitiness.”

I like that FW has found new and different themes. Not just Australian hops or NW hops but also deeper cuts of the bine.


Review – Marihana Session IPA from Coedo

by Sean on February 13, 2018

I swear I will get to reviewing Non-IPA beers but this one came to me from Coedo Brewing and I felt compelled to do a quick review.

This surprise of a beer delivery is almost the antithesis of what is happening in America. Marihana Session IPA from Japan is as clear as clear can be. This is truly a session beer but it has a nice solid kick of hops to it. There is a nice sparkle to it as well. Lots of citrus pith here. Aroma is solidly grapefruit.


Has Been Open, Now Grand

by Sean on February 12, 2018

State Brewing’s Gardena tap room has been open for a bit of time now but that won’t stop them from throwing an “official” Grand Opening party.

18+ beers will be on offer (which includes some specialties) on Saturday, February 17th from Noon to Midnight.

Then, the next week starts with the new hours starting on Tuesday, February 20th.
Tues-Thurs: 4-10
Fri: 3-11
Sat: 12-11
Sun: 12-6


Lagerville in Buellton

by Sean on February 12, 2018

If you are nearing lupulin overdose, hold on. There is a festival coming in May that can help.

Figueroa Mountain will be hosting their 1st Lagerville event at their Buellton based brewery on May 19th. L.A. locals like Eagle Rock, Enegren and King Harbor will be in attendance along with TAPS, Chapman Crafted , Brewery Rex and other known names.

A portion of the receipts will benefit the Los Padres Forest Watch, a charity that FigMtn has been working with for years.

Keep up to date with new over on Instahoot @lagerville.


A Podcast & A Beer – The Ringer

by Sean on February 11, 2018

I listen to quite a few NBA podcasts during the regular season but recently the one that I go to the most is The Ringer. Now that name isn’t as catchy or cool as Grantland but the site has that DNA embedded flavor in it so the podcasts are fun and a deep dive into all things NBA.

No matter which team you root for, unless they are super irrelevant, this pod will keep you up to date. This year has been especially fun to listen to the endless dissections of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since both the Blake-less Clippers and the Walton and LaVar show are both struggling, it would be appropriate to stop at the new Dankness Dojo and order up a flight of the most IBU heavy beers and savor the bitterness.


Hops-Hops and more Hops

by Sean on February 11, 2018

Stone has got some new beers (hoppy of course) in the pipeline for us….

…I don’t know what Incognito is. Couldn’t find a hop by that name but all three could be interesting.


I haven’t had a real page turner in a while. That rare book that is exciting and literary at the same time. The type of book that you can picture as a good movie if done right.

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley is one such book. The book is located in an East Coast small fishing town. Where a father and a daughter have returned to where the mother grew up.

There have been many moves in the past and lots of guns around the house they move into. In time, we learn of the twelve bullets that landed in Samuel Hawley both before and after the birth of Loo (I do hate girls/women with faux boy names). Poor Hawley as he is called, seems like a magnet for bullets which is bad considering his chosen profession is mostly of the illegal kind where guns seem to be plentiful.

The interaction between Hawley and Loo as well as flashbacks to friends, enemies and more enemies as well as his love, Lily lend an easy poignancy that has you rooting for them and against their foes.

What makes this book is that it sticks the landing. Loo gets a end of movie style moment that closes the adventure but also leaves some strands open. Both Hawley and Loo have grown and learned a bit but they haven’t fake changed, their character arcs remain in motion.

To drink with this book, you could pick from many states since the characters roam from one crime adventure to another but I will pick one from each side of the US. Something bitter for the teenager Loo and something rough and dark for Hawley.

Alaskan Brewing Icy Bay IPA or their Smoked Porter would be perfect for the wayward job in Alaska.

For the East, Harpoon Brewery has Hoppy Adventure IPA or Nana’s Nightcap Porter. (yes, there is a cranky yet worldy grandma in the story)


We head to one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver, Strathcona to see what beers are on offer from Brewmaster Michael “Fezz” Nazarec

Vienna Lager
“Vienna-style lager, amber in colour with a subtle caramel and toasted quality. Subtle hop presence with a crisp, malt finish. An easy drinking, mildly carbonated, premium lager.”

British IPA
“This is first and foremost a classic, English IPA. This style is recognized for a flavouring more balanced between hops and malt as opposed to the more hop-forward IPAs of the Pacific Northwest. This is also reflected by the low hop aroma. The light hop flavouring comes from the traditional English hops Fuggles and UK Goldings. This light gold coloured beer has a moderate citrus flavour, low fruityness and a dry finish.”

“Our Rye English Special Bitter has an abundance of well-rounded malts, a crisp bitter finish, and a hop character that is moderate and balanced with a touch of dark caramel flavours.”

Belgian Gold 40
“A pale, complex, effervescent, strong Belgian-style ale that is highly attenuated and features fruity and hoppy notes, with a complex aroma, significant fruity esters, moderate spiciness and low to moderate alcohol and hop notes.”