Random Brewery Tour # 3 – Able Seedhouse + Brewery

by Sean on December 30, 2017

Our final stop for 2017 is in Minnesota and true to their name, Able Seedhouse and Brewery does both grain and beer. Two very different disciplines to master.

Here are the beers that I would give a whirl (focusing on the malt)….

PROPERS PUB ALE – “Back to the land of pubs properly pouring smooth, toasty, caramel-noted ales.”

HOUSE RED – “Building a beer is not unlike building a house. It needs a solid foundation. It has to feel familiar and updated. And you have to be able to return to it each day without hating the color, or the broken garage door. Our House is built on a sturdy foundation of berry-hinted hops, as well as biscuit and caramel malts. It takes those familiar American Red Ales and updates them with a hopped finish.”

BLK WLF STOUT – “Black wolves were once thought to be their own unique species. Then a smart person declared them variants of red wolves. Until an even smarter person determined they’re actually a gray wolf. Our very own BLK WLF perpetuates the confusion. Dry like an Irish stout. Hoppy like an American stout. Nutty like an oatmeal stout. Creamy like a milk stout.”

FOUR CORDS OLD ALE – “It takes roughly four cords of wood to heat a Minnesota home for the winter, if you’re a Renaissance man bucking the modern heating system. But it’s gonna take more than that to heat yourself. You’re gonna need a hearty, bready, slightly fruity, totally malty 7.9% Old Ale to warm your northern soul.”

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