Review – Class of ’88

by Sean on May 17, 2013


I will admit it.  I graduated in the Class of ’88 when North Coast, Deschutes and Rogue started their breweries.  So I was drawn to this beer the moment I heard about it.  So, expectations were high from a brewery reputation standpoint and a sentimental viewpoint too.


’88 pours a bright and clear orange color.  The head is bubbly and then fades.  It is 10% abv after all.  Initial aroma is reminiscent of many a barleywine before.  With some orange notes at the back too.  Good sparkly and carbonation to this that fades into an orange zest and alcohol taste.  The top of the mouth is coated with hops of a medium/high bitterness.  That orange taste could be amped up some to combat the slickness and the alcohol but a damn fine sippin’ beer.

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