Review – Ritterguts Original Gose

by Sean on August 3, 2013

Like the spooky top hat dude on the label and the hard to read font too on this new to Los Angeles Gose from Brauhaus Hartmannsdorf  in Borna, Germany. And it goes excellently with my book on the spies and royal court of Elizabeth the 1st “The Watchers” (even though Spain plays a bigger role here than Germany).


Pours a medium orange color. The aroma is in the ballpark of a Berliner Weisse with some Belgian funk added but the taste is really, really dry. Puckery but not sour. I get a touch of salt but I actually taste more cinnamon for some reason. After that a touch of white wine acidity creeps in. Quite a complex beer.


If you haven’t tried this (thankfully) resurrected style from Leipzig then give this one a shot and get the  Bayerischer Bahnhof version and then try to find the Upright Brewing one as well for a trio of Salt & Coriander goodness.

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