Review – Vagabond Cheese + Boomtown Beer

by Sean on August 9, 2017

There is a world of cheese out there. In an alternate universe, I could see an alternate Sean writing a cheese blog instead of beer.

Of course that alternate blog would touch on beer, just like I am dancing about cheese now. Vagabond Cheese is showing up everywhere independent beer is at. Don’t believe me? Check out their calendar. It is pretty damn full.

A few days back, I finally did a guided beer and cheese pairing at Boomtown and it was really good. It is the best way to try and find cheeses that you like even though they are spendy, all without breaking the bank.

Here are the four selections that were served up:
Sbrinz AOP with What Gose Around
Ombra with Bad Hombre
Ossai-Iraty AOP with Obscura Guey
Sailnois with Submission
Boomtown meets Vagabond

The Sbrinz, to me, tasted like Parmesan without the grain. The hard cheese and the sour “grated” on me though.

The second cheese was close but not quite white cheddar-y with some butter notes. The cheese outshone the simple beer which did not add much.

The third tasting had it going. A creamy texture meets darker malt which was even better with almonds added into the mix.

There was some grain to final cheese but it also more cheddar notes which here mixed well with the banana esters from the dark Belgian golden. I would have to call a favorite tie between three and four.

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