Session # 38 – The Beer Bloggers speak….

by Sean on April 5, 2010


As promised, here is the round-up for Session # 38. Thanks again to Jay and to Stan for allowing me to host and to all of you in the beer blogosphere who contributed your thoughts!

I have read Mario’s posts on RateBeer, so I know he has a way with words. But I was especially taken by the last paragraph of his addition to the session, “In the end, whether you get in line or skip it, do one thing, enjoy the beer that is available when you get there. If you wait in line and end up empty handed, don’t throw a fit or make a big display of your frustration. Anywhere that pours these incredibly rare beers is sure to have something else worth your money and time on tap. If nothing else you have a story. Think of the free beer someone may buy you when you break out this tale of woe.”

The Wallace Brothers took a different tack and talked about their favorite “fictional” beers. Check out the labels HERE

The Bay Area Beer Runner shined a spotlight on not just one beer or a style but the not widely known brewery El Toro “I have to believe if El Toro was in San Francisco, everyone would be talking about it. But being way down in Morgan Hill, not too many people venture out to it.”

The Beer Nut from Dublin made a strong point in his rant that I think all beer hunters can relate to, “HaandBryggeriet Norwegian Wood. Because I knew the name and reputation, I picked up a bottle when I saw one on sale in Bier Koning: that’s the sort of cult-beer-seeking I like. Serendipity beats standing in line every damn time.”

The great Jay Brooks compiled a list of worthy beers. I was surprised how many I had tasted!
* Black Albert (De Struise)
* Black Tuesday (The Bruery)
* Cable Car (Lost Abbey)
* Cuvee de Tomme (Lost Abbey)
* Dark Lord (Three Floyds)
* Exponential Hoppiness (Alpine beer)
* Kate the Great (Portsmouth Brewery)
* Leviathan Barleywine (Fish Brewing)
* Local 1 (Brooklyn Brewery)
* O.B.A. (Anchor Brewery)
* 120 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head)
* Pliny the Elder (Russian River Brewing)
* Pliny the Younger (Russian River Brewing)
* Poseidon Imperial Stout (Fish Brewing)
* Raspberry Tart (New Glarus)
* Sink the Bismarck! (BrewDog)
* Speedway Stout (AleSmith)
* Tactical Nuclear Penguin (BrewDog)
* Toronado 20th Anniversary Ale (Russian River Brewing)
* Westvleteren Blond, 8 and 12 (Westvleteren)
* Wisconsin Belgian Red (New Glarus)

The Brew Site gave a shout out to Tonya Cornett and Sean Paxton for their collaborative Desert Rose. One of my goals in life is to be at a Paxton beer dinner and I know that the American brewing scene is going to hear alot of Cornett and Bend Brewing.

Lastly, my fellow beer traveler Richard sent a contribution on his birthday when he should have been drinking his favored St. Bernardus.

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