Straight from the Barrel

by Sean on February 16, 2017

No scientist am I and when I see phrases like “restrictor disc” and “N2 pressure to a heat exhanger” or going even further to “inline liquid & gas infuser”. I do not think of craft beer. Seems more like mechanic lingo to me.

But it is part of the mechanical engineering for the draft system called AeriAle which is a byproduct of a team-up between Dogfish Head Brewery and AC Beverage.

The end goal is to drink barrel-aged beer directly from the barrel at the proper temperature and pressure levels.

I am not going to tell you that I understand the process. For that I would need an extra brain and a side by side comparison of the same beer from different taps but I do applaud the creativity and nitro dispense in the US could use a boost.

Maybe this is it. And if an East Coast Eataly restaurant has one, maybe the new Eataly in Century City might too.

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