Wisconsin Brewery # 1 – Funk Factory Geuzeria

by Sean on August 10, 2017

Maybe those intrepid Beer Bloggers that went to Milwaukee for the Beer Bloggers Conference got to try beers from our first Wisconsin stop, Funk Factory Geuzeria.

They brew a beer style, Meerts. Another “forgotten” style in the lambic family. The FFG describes it Meerts thusly, “meaning March, is the low alcohol (2-4%) “table” or “field” beer traditionally made from the second runnings of lambic’s turbid mash. I refer to it as Lambic’s baby brother.”

So, obviously, I would focus on the original and variants in my first taster tray….
Cherry Meerts
Peach Meerts
Blood, Sweat, and Unicorn Tears (Cranberry sour)
Cervino (Chardonnay/Sour ale hybrid)

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